If you participate in the VRS Group Life Insurance Program, VRS members are covered from the first day of employment. Some employers may pay the member’s portion of the premiums for Basic Group Life Insurance coverage.

If the VRS member is covered under the Basic Group Life Insurance Program, the member is eligible to purchase additional life insurance for the member, as well as a spouse and dependent children, through the Optional Group Life Insurance Program. The member pays the premiums for this additional coverage through payroll deductions.

Naming a Beneficiary

Encourage VRS members to keep their life insurance beneficiary form up to date, especially after births, marital status changes and deaths. For more information, see Naming a Beneficiary.

In the Event of a Member's Death

  • If you participate in the Group Life Insurance Program, provide Securian Financial with a completed Notice of Claim.

  • In addition, instruct the beneficiary to obtain a certified copy of the public death record. For deaths that occur in Virginia, a certified copy of the public death record may be obtained for a fee from the Virginia State Office of Vital Records or the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles.

  • Upon receiving notification of the member’s death, Securian Financial mails a condolence letter and a group life insurance claim to the appropriate party. Upon receiving the death certificate, VRS will send a letter detailing the benefits available, a payment election form and any additional forms needed.

    Once the beneficiary has selected the payment option and mailed the form back to VRS (along with any other required documentation), the beneficiary is eligible to receive the benefits.

  • Learn about other Death-in-Service benefits.

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