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Calculators & Estimator

Estimate Retirement Benefits & Severance Benefits

The following tools let you and members create retirement benefit estimates. These are estimates only and are not intended to provide exact amounts.

Member Calculator

With the Member Calculator, you or a member estimate a retirement benefit by entering average final compensation, age, months of service, expected retirement date and a benefit payout option.

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myVRS Benefit Estimator

Members may estimate a retirement benefit by creating a personal myVRS member online account. myVRS is a secure online system that calculates a retirement estimate based on a member's VRS record.

Several retirement scenarios, based on different benefit payout options, may be used in the Retirement Planner (also available in myVRS).

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Transitional Benefits Calculator

Use this tool to calculate a member's severance benefit payment as well as the number of additional years of service credit the member may receive under the Transitional Benefits Program.

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