Overviews of the benefits available to VRS members.

Benefit Payout Options

Information about the monthly benefit payout options available to members when applying for retirement.

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Information on the death-in-service benefit and how employers can assist beneficiaries.

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Information on disability retirement and short- and long-term disability programs.

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Hazardous Duty Benefits

Information about hazardous duty benefits available to VRS members.

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Life Insurance

Information on life insurance and guidance in the event of a member’s death.

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Line of Duty Act External Site Link

Information about the Line of Duty Act (LODA) program.

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Long-Term Care

Information about long-term-care programs available to VRS members.

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Military Leave

Information on the benefits available when a VRS member is called to active military duty.

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Purchase of Prior Service

Information on the provisions for purchasing prior service, how members can initiate a purchase and PPS employer tools in myVRS Navigator.

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Information on VRS-administered severance benefits when eligible employees are involuntarily separated from covered employment.

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