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Member Benefit Profile (MBP)

How Do I Look Up My Employees' MBPs?

To locate employee Member Benefit Profiles (MBPs), log into myVRS Navigator:

  1. Use Person Search to locate the employee’s record.
  2. From the Demographics panel, click the myVRS button.
  3. In your employer access view, select the Annual Statements link from the My History drop-down menu.
  4. Any MBPs generated for the member will be displayed

If you need to print multiple MBPs:

  1. Select Annual MBP Detail Listing from the Reports menu in myVRS Navigator.
  2. From the report results screen, check the boxes next to the employees' names for any MBPs you want to print.
  3. You may print as many as are displayed on the screen. Page through the report to print MBPs from each page.

Why Is the MBP Important to Your Employees?

The MBP is your employees' annual benefit statement based on information you reported to VRS as of June 30. It provides account balance information, retirement eligibility and eligibility for other benefits, such as group life insurance and the health insurance credit, as applicable. Using the promotional resources on this page, encourage Plan 1 and Plan 2 employees to view their MBP through their myVRS accounts.

You can direct employees to About Your Member Benefit Profile to learn more about their annual benefit statement.

Note: MBPs are currently not available for Hybrid Retirement Plan members. However, myVRS now offers additional services for hybrid plan members. Hybrid members may view their defined benefit and defined contribution account balances from the myVRS homepage, and access the goal-based Retirement Planner and Benefit Estimator, available to all members in myVRS.

MBP Flyer

  • Download the MBP Flyer
  • Print copies of the flyer and post them around your office building.
  • Post the link to the flyer on your internal employee website or intranet.
  • Include the link to the flyer with the MBP messages provided below.


  • Encourage all employees to log-in or create a secure myVRS account to view their member information and other benefits.

MBP and myVRS Promotional Message for Employees

Use this message in an internal communication to your employees, such as an email or newsletter:

Map Out Your Future. Review Your myVRS Account.
Your myVRS account and your annual Member Benefit Profile (MBP) for Plan 1 and Plan 2 members provide important information for your future, including projected retirement dates and your VRS benefits.

Plan 1 and Plan 2 members: View your 2018 MBP online.
Go to myVRS to log-in or register for your secure online account. From the homepage, select the View Annual Statement link from the right column.

Hybrid Retirement Plan members: Access your account summary online.
Go to myVRS to log-in or register for your secure online account. You can view your defined benefit and defined contribution account balances as well as projected retirement date from your account homepage. Your voluntary contribution percentage also appears on your myVRS homepage as a reminder to maximize your employer match while saving for retirement.

On target for your desired retirement date and income?
As a reminder, all members have access to the myVRS Benefit Estimator and the Retirement Planner to help you evaluate if you're on track to meet your retirement goals.

If you are a Plan 1 or Plan 2 member, be sure to view the retirement income analysis on your MBP. The income analysis shows a total retirement income estimate compared to a retirement income target of 80 percent of your compensation, as of June 30.

Hybrid members can view an analysis by creating a retirement plan in myVRS.

The retirement income estimate found on your MBP or in myVRS combines your estimated unreduced benefit and a Social Security estimate. Your analysis includes tips for "closing the gap" between your estimated retirement income and your 80 percent benchmark.

Take time for a retirement strategy checkup today.

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