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Contribution Rates

The following tables show employer contribution rates and other post-employment contribution rates by fiscal year. The contribution rates are based on a rate-setting actuarial valuation done every two years. Final contribution rates for the statewide plans will become available following the biennium budget process. Non-professional school board and political subdivision employee plan rates are based on their respective individual actuarial valuations and are certified by the VRS Board of Trustees.

VRS Employer Contribution Rates by Fiscal Year
Retirement Program Fiscal Years
2019 & 2020
VRS Board-Certified Rates
Fiscal Years
2021 & 2022 *
* Rates are a net of member contributions. Certified contribution rates are full actuarially determined rates.
State Employees 13.52% 14.46%
Teachers 15.68% 16.62%
State Police Officers' Retirement System 24.88% 26.26%
Virginia Law Officers' Retirement System 21.61% 21.88%
Judicial Retirement System 34.39% 29.84%
Non-Professional School Board and Political Subdivision Employees Varies by Employer
Other Post-Employment Benefits Contribution Rates by Fiscal Year
Fiscal Years
2019 & 2020
VRS Board-Certified Rates
Fiscal Years
2021 & 2022
Group Life Insurance Employee 0.79% 0.80%
Employer 0.52% 0.54%
Total 1.31% 1.34%
Health Insurance Credit State Employees 1.17% 1.12%
Teachers 1.20% 1.21%
Non-Professional School Board Members and Political Subdivision Employees Varies by Employer
Virginia Sickness and Disability Program (VSDP) Covered Payroll 0.62% 0.61%
Virginia Local Disability Program (VLDP) Teachers 0.41% 0.47%
Political Subdivision Employees 0.72% 0.83%

Valuation Reports

VRS provides actuarial valuation reports to help employers establish required contribution levels and disclose plan assets and actuarial liabilities that are used to determine the funded status of the retirement plan, and to provide supporting information regarding the plan's operation. The reports are also a resource for complying with Governmental Accounting Standards Board Statements No. 43 and No. 45, which require actuarial valuations of retirees' other post-employment benefits (OPEB).