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K-12 Critical Shortage Positions

A retiree may be eligible to teach or serve as a principal or assistant principal in a critical shortage position in a Virginia public school. The retiree does not have to retire as a teacher or school administrator as long as he or she becomes licensed by the Virginia Board of Education for the position he or she will hold.

Positions are full time and temporary (non-covered) for the current school year and the employer must recruit annually to fill the position before hiring or re-hiring a retiree in a critical shortage position; and if the retiree qualifies, he or she will continue to receive VRS retirement benefits. If the retiree is on VRS disability retirement, he or she cannot work in a critical shortage position and continue to receive a retirement benefit.


To be considered for a K-12 critical shortage position, a retiree must:

  • Work in a designated critical shortage position.
  • Hold a Virginia Board of Education license for the position.
  • Have a break in service of at least 12 consecutive months between the retiree’s retirement date and the date he or she wishes to work in a critical shortage position. This break in service means not working in any full-time, part-time or temporary position with any VRS-participating employer.
  • Not have a pre-arranged employment commitment, either verbal or written, with the school division before the employee’s retirement date.
  • Not have retired under an early retirement incentive program (ERIP).
  • Not have retired under the Transitional Benefits Program with an enhanced monthly VRS benefit.
  • Not be on VRS disability retirement.
  • Not take a refund of his or her member contributions and interest or defer retirement.



  • Employers must enroll each critical shortage teacher in myVRS Navigator.
  • To ensure that the retiree’s monthly retirement benefit continues while serving in the critical shortage position, employers must designate the retiree with the VRS job title “Critical Shortage Teacher” in myVRS Navigator. Do not use the “teacher” job name, which will cause the retiree’s monthly retirement benefit to end.